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The Rise of Hamer 4x4 Australia [2020]

Many of us see our vehicles as a representation, or an extension, of who we are as people. And the rise of the 4WD in Australia has not changed this reality one bit.

Despite the demise of Holden… or the fact that we are raising vehicles rather than lowering them… not to mention the imminent “threat” of driver-less vehicles…

Based on the number of naughty mall crawlers you see roaming the streets, and the fully kitted Rangers and Hiluxs at construction sites across the country, our love for cars has never been stronger.

Hamer 4x4 continue to be a growing threat to the big-name brands who fail to innovate and create.

Australia has always had a strong outdoor culture in Australia, which naturally extended into a passion for off-roading and 4WD vehicles. But recent social trends and fashion has pushed the average Joe and Jane to SUV and 4WD adoption.

These two forces have resulted in Australia’s 4WD industry becoming the second biggest in the world… despite not even cracking the top 50 countries in the world by population.

As a result, over the past 5 years has seen a huge number of entrants into the 4x4 servicing, tyres and accessories market. And in recent years, we’ve also seen the rapid failure of a number of these businesses, whilst the biggest and best continue to gain market share.

Hamer 4x4 Australia has been around long enough to witness the evolution of the 4WD industry, and the many trends and sub-trends in the 4x4 accessories market. Most of this experience was gained through the OG Hamer bar, the King Series Bull Bar.

The many years of ongoing local design, support and research applied to the range of Hamer 4x4 accessories has been key to our foothold as the market’s perennial alternative to the big-name brands of mass production (insert here… ).

A little bit about Hamer 4x4

Hamer 4x4 has been an underground option for 4WD lovers across the world since 1994. On the back of a mature manufacturing and supply chain, Hamer 4x4 continues its rise in the mainstream western world.

We pride ourselves on innovation, and bringing top quality products to the market that are unique and make your 4WD truly something different to the rest.

You can find out more about the humble beginnings of Hamer 4x4 Australia here.

The Hamer 4x4 range

Although most have seen the Hamer bull bar, we now have an extensive range of 4x4 accessories in Australia. This will continue to grow based on the demands of the Australian 4WD market.

We believe Hamer 4x4 Australia have the hottest bull bars in the market, and now we want to extend this to the rest of the Hamer 4x4 accessories range, which includes:

● Bull Bars

● Rear Bars

● Side Steps

● Sports Bars / Roll Bars

● Nudge Bars

● Tyre Carriers

● Roof Racks

● Shackles

● Under Protection Plates

● Tow Hitch

All of these products have the ability to completely transform your rig into one like no other. You can find our trusted list of Hamer 4x4 retailers here.

If you’re not sure what would suit your vehicle, be sure to check out our gallery.

Customer Support

Our retailers are well trained across Australia, and have fit a countless number of Hamer bars and Hamer bull bars.

More often than not they’re going to be able to answer any questions you have about our proucts, and fitting options for your vehicle.

If you’re ever in any doubt though, you can contact us directly and we can arrange a 30-minute discovery session to see what way we can help you transform your vehicle into an absolute beast.