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Hamer Tyre Carrier for 4x4 & 4wd

Tyre Carrier

The Hamer 4x4 Tyre carrier is specifically designed for those who are looking to full some space in the tray, and show off those BFGs or Roadcruzas.

An absolute must have for any Ford Ranger Raptor mall crawler. They fit perfectly snug with any Hamer 4x4 roll bar.

Make sure you ask our Hamer 4x4 retailers if they are able to bundle a special package together for the Lunar Roof Rack and any one of our Hamer bull bars or other Hamer bars.


  • Spare tyre locked whilst on display

For additional information on any Hamer 4x4 accessories, please contact us directly, or find a retailer near you today.

The Tyre Carrier by Hamer 4x4 Australia is suitable for the Ford Ranger Raptor.